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DATA CENTER SOLUTIONS can provide engineering for any size of construction project. Our services include full MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing and controls) design for new and existing buildings, as well as Energy Master Plans (EMP’s) that specialize in high efficiency building systems. As fuel and energy costs increase, aggressive energy planning is required for new and existing buildings. We provide detailed Energy Master Plans for our customers that model existing standards and practices against our recommendations through a life cycle analysis.

We extract the lowest life cycle cost options and generally create a 20% - 30% return on investment through our design recommendations. This EMP practice is used for all of our projects, both new and retrofit. Through innovative design, we have managed to create some of the most energy efficient plants, buildings and data centers.

Our areas of expertise include:

- HVAC System Design
- Energy Conservation Audits and Demand Side Management
- Renewable Energy Modeling
- Energy Master Planning
- Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering Services
- Storm Drainage Systems
- Water Treatment Systems
- Fire Protection Systems
- Building Control Systems
- Electrical Systems

can provide engineering for any size of construction project and would be pleased to provide a quotation for you. Please contact us for further information.




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