Renewable Energy Modeling :

DATA CENTER SOLUTIONS provides options that help conserve costly hydrocarbon resources. Through our Energy Master Plans, we will make recommendations to support energy efficiency and renewable power projects. Not only will our renewable power options reduce energy costs, but it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing demand for electricity.

We provide residential and commercial applications. Our Renewable Energy Options include:

1) Fuel Cell Technology
2) Solar Solutions
3) Wind
4) Cogeneration

We are not a distributor of any brand of products. Instead, we provide a non-biased evaluation of the different manufacturer’s and make product recommendation that will best meet your needs.

Wind Turbines and Photovoltaic
As fuel prices and fuel consumption soar, it is clear that the world needs to prepare to use new forms of energy. Wind power is a sustainable resource that is a renewable and clean source of energy for the present as well as for future generations.

Why is Wind a Good Energy Alternative?

- Wind is an unlimited resource
- Solution is Cost Justifiable
- 100% Standby Capacity / Self-Sufficiency
- Reduced Maintenance Costs
- Fully Automatic Operation
- Environmentally Friendly – no pollution or gas emissions

DATA CENTER SOLUTIONS provides Wind Farm Modeling services.

Regarding our Solar or Photovoltaic Solutions, DATA CENTER SOLUTIONS offers technical support to solar energy project developers. We deliver specialized analysis and due diligence services.




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